How To Setup WiFi Extender

As people now work from home and also they perform other internet activities like Netflix surfing, watching videos, listening to songs, and many more but during this searching when your WiFi causes disturbance then you get irritated and try to solve this issue by installing expansive internet service some started to buying another costly router but when this problem can be solved by a simple router then why we deal with all these complicated things and techniques.

How To Setup WiFi Extender

Extender simply provides you a good strengthen signal in your dead zone areas very conveniently and fastly. People usually ask questions about how they can set up a WiFi extender that can solve their signal problem. So today we gonna tell you how you can select and set a good WiFi extender.

Choosing a WiFi extender

To set up an extender firstly you need to select a WiFi extender you have to decide whether you need and switch plug extender or a table to set up an extender. Actually, both are really good switch plugger has high portability you can take this with you to any corner of your house where a switch plug is available and use it while on the other hand desk r table set also very handy. It has a strong ethernet port option through which you get very strong signals of the internet.

Getting started

No matter which place you select to set up the extender but keep in mind that, that place must be close to the WiFi router. Now modern extenders have no need for a WiFi password to build the connection both devices set up a window for some minutes and connect with each other but still, you need the service app for the startup settings.


Before launching the extender app just go to the WiFi settings on your smartphones or tablets. On your device, you can see the transmitted signals of the router and you can also see the extender signal on your smart devices. Now it depends on you that either you want to connect WPS or TP-Link extender range.

Launching app

Then after the above step, you can launch the app of the extender because you can access it through your mobile, and after that, it asks you about your email and password so that it can easily scan your area it can also scan the internet sources around your place. Now you can link the app with the source router and the WiFi extender.

Merging WiFi

Now, this app asks to enter the password for the router so that the 2.4 GHz bandwidth of the router gets connected with the 2.4GHz bandwidth of the extender. You can do the same for the 5.0 GHz bandwidth connection. After that, your WiFi extender gets links with the internet router, and your extender now works as a broadcaster of the signals, and your laptops, computers, and smartphone never feel the lacking of good internet signals. Because now you can set your complete extender system

Network naming

Before setting up the system the extender shows you its name as TP-Links_extender so you can easily recognize it but after the setup, it got the name of the router but with the addition of EXT so that you can recognize the signal strength of the extender and router separately.


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