How To Remove Plastic Smell From Air Fryer

Air fryers look like traditional ovens that can not spread greasy smell like deep fryers around all entire house its prevent smell little when we use it for the first time. Everybody asking this question why do their air fryers smell so bad? In this article, we briefly discuss this issue and tell you about the best air fryer and solve your problem. The first reason is that air fryers come with a protective coating when this plastic coating uncovers at high flame temperature its plastic starts to burn, and it becomes a cause of the smell.

How To Remove Plastic Smell From Air Fryer

Some models have an unusual smell when it’s used for the first time, but when we regularly use it a couple of sessions, then the smell should go away. If the odor does not go away, then clean the air fryer using a soft kitchen sponge, water, and soap if it does not remove then don’t worry we give you essential detail of the air fryer that why it smell is so bad or how can you control it. As we know that air fryer made up of plastic resistance from outside or m inside of the air fryer, heat resistance plastic is a great thing which keeps it is the outer side cool. You feel comfortable to touch the outer side or handles easily without burning skin. Most of the components of the air fryer are plastic injected which keep fumes aside in the process of heating and cooling.

Many companies have no time to check out the air fryer then it causes an odor problem when people use it the first time. As well the fan, electronic component and heating elements in the air fryer also have a break-in time. The bearings in the fan may leave a strange smell until they are broken down properly. An electric soldering and heating elements may be doing the same process until they are properly settled.

Methods to Remove Plastic Smell From Air Fryer

When people do not wash it properly, then this prevents the smell of one food to another, which can bring a strange taste in your food. The solution is simple: clean your air fryer properly after one food. A significant reason that it happens when the fume gets closed in the corner and hole of the air fryer, and when you use it, these smells are activated again, and it becomes an endless cycle. A heating element presents at the top of the fryer then food particles start collecting in this section, and this can cause a burnt smell to arise from it.

Dirt on the outside area of the air fryer can cause a problem of bad smell even though the happening possibilities under these circumstances are unexistence. Air fryers were offending odors when you put over-seasoned food items, cheese, and wet betters then your air fryer getting messy experts to avoid doing this if you want that your air fryer works well and not create lousy odor again and again.

To be sure you must want to remove this strange smell as soon as possible. I think that you can cook in your new air fryer. We put a small guide to get rid of it. An air fryer is an excellent kitchen gadget that is used for making many dishes. After purchasing a new air fryer do not put any food in it for the first time and try to run it at 350-400 degree for 40 minutes then lets cool the air fryer and repeats this method again and again when its components completely set or it not prevent fume smell then try to cook and food. After our searching we recommend you some cleaning method of air fryer lets checks First Method:

  • First of all, removes air fryer components like basket pan or racks
  • Then dip all these things in detergent or soap mixture
  • using a soft sponge dip it in the detergent mixture and clean all the component and inner side of the air fryer
  • Then dry all part with paper and try to rerun it at 400F temperature for one minute and check that its create smell or not.

If it again creates smell, then uses this Second Method:

  • Place a small dish(which always oven prof) in an air fryer
  • Add one spoon vinegar one spoon lemon
  • Now run the air fryer at default temperature 340-400 for a maximum of two minutes
  • The dish will be placed in an air fryer for 10 minutes
  • This technique worked very well


If you struggled with the plastic smell for a long time, don’t think that you invest in the wrong product. I hope this article guide helped you get rid of it because we provide the necessary information about why air fryer smells so bad and discusses different methods to get rid of it. Now you can enjoy your recipes without any odour smell.



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