How to Choose the Best Skateboard

People love to travel in the streets on skateboards to enjoy the unmatchable riding experience. For an amazing riding experience, you have to choose the best skateboard. For selecting one of the best skaters for your ride you have to keep some factors in your mind.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard?

For choosing the right skateboard you need to consider the below-mentioned characteristics and functionalities. For choosing the right type of skateboard deck, wheels, bearings and many other attachments must be there in proper proportion. Let’s discuss some of the basic characteristics a best skateboard must have.

Parts of Skateboard

For the best riding experience, the skateboard parts play a vital role in it


Wooden or carbon fibers made deck is a standing platform that offers you balance during your ride.


It offers the turns and provides axels while you ride on the board for wheels.


Allow the boards to roll over them also provide protection to the ball bearings.


Bears get fit into the wheels for the smooth spin and ride.

Grip tape

It is applied on the top of the deck to give you a grip to your feet on the board during a ride.


Here we talk about nuts and bolts which keep the deck on the wheels.

Skateboard Size

Your riding experience also depends on the size of the board. Because every person can handle the board according to their height like small for the child the board of the skate must be small so that the child can easily handle its twist and turns. If we choose the large deck size skate for a child then it will harm the child as it becomes very difficult to handle it for a child so skateboard size matters a lot. Size can also be chosen on the gender base as male has more dominating power than women so that can easily handle a heavy deck size skateboard easily than women.

Note: not get afraid of trying different sizes because when you do it lots of time and different sizes then you get to know which is perfect for you.

How to Check Skateboard Size Chart

Skateboards are coming in different sizes and we discuss earlier the size influences your ride very much. Skateboards are coming in different sizes for everyone children, teenagers, adults, men, or women. For kids 6.75 – 7.25 size, we prefer for 9 to 12 years old children because it is very easy to handle them. For 13+ or adults we recommended the full sized skateboard for them because I think they have the ability to handle the full sized skateboard. For kids mini skaters 6.75 – 7.25 are good for 6 to 8 years and for under 5 years old children we recommended the micro skateboard  6.5 – 6.75 size.

Skateboard Deck Shapes

Your riding quality also depends on the shape of the skateboard.

Radial concave

It is a U-shaped curved board most common shape of the deck. This shape allows you to better grip on the board.


It is similar to the radial concave but it is a more dramatic version. Its steep wall on the rail combined with the wider base offers you a more secure and locked footing on the board.


It is not an extended deck but towards the tail. The curve in the centerline helps you to shift more energy from your heel to your toe like this you can easily turn the skateboard.


It is concave shape like radial not with the gentle curve but its rail is extended like the sharp angle from the deck. This shape keeps your feet flatter and the sharp rails can still provide sudden shifts in energy.


It is shaped when the rails rise at different angles. It allows you to put more power in your heels for turns.


It is featuring an upwards-arching deck that is uncommon. This downhill skateboard gives you a more natural foot placement.


The flat shape deck is rare with the reissue of old school decks. It offers more space for your feet and allows room for boardwalking.


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