How Does Espresso Machine Work Easily

Let’s find out How Does Espresso Machine Work Easily. Espresso is more popular in the US. People mostly love to drink a shot of coffee before starting their work. Making espresso is the main task of millions of people in the world. If you buy an espresso machine for your convenience then you must have to know how it works so that you could get your desire coffee from it. Mostly cafe coffee is very delicious as people in the cafe know how to operate the machine to get a perfect barista shot of coffee. There are so many questions that arise related to the use of the espresso machine today we will answer all these questions. In this article, we will discuss all the working of the espresso machine so that you can get your dreamy shot at your home.

How Does Espresso Machine Work

First look at the key terms of the espresso machine

Dialing in: This is the process of brewing in order to get the best result. When brewing the coffee this might adjust the grind size, tamp, or amount of coffee used.

Portafilter: it is a nozzle from which grind coffee comes out. In the nozzle hot water at ideal pressure come out to give decadent espresso.

Tamp: tamping compressing the ground coffee into the portafilter. A good tamp restrict and prevents water channeling and helps to dissolve more solids.

Bars of pressure: it measures the pressure at which your coffee comes out.

Now we will discuss the pepper working of the espresso machine.

Water and Pump

In the espresso, machine water is very important. You can’t make coffee without water with the espresso machine. With these machines, there is also another component in which you can store water for coffee but you can also attach the water reservoir through a pump with it. The pump of the machine pulls the water with a lot of pressure that coffee is getting dissolve into the water. The pump extracts the coffee at 9 bars at the right pressure.

There are two types of pumps

Vibratory: these pumps mostly found in home espresso making machine.

Rotatory: these pumps used in the commercial machine for constant pressure.


For a perfect coffee, the temperature matters a lot. So in boiler water is gather and heated or steaming there. There are 3 main types of boilers

Single boiler

Espresso Machine

In single boiler water heated and milk steaming in one tank. In a single boiler, you cannot brew espresso and steaming wands at the same time. The temperature for brewing milk and the ideal temperature for espresso are drastically different. So while you do one task then you have to wait for doing the next task. Let’s suppose if you make espresso then you have to wait to heat the water then after that, you have to wait for it getting cools down for the next function. This is quite a bit of pain.

Heat Exchange

A heat exchanger is one large boiler with an isolation section within the boiler that is separate from the main heating element. The isolation section gives the cooler water which is suitable for brewing. It continuously provides water into the group head and then back to the machine. This heating ability at different temperatures makes you able to use one boiler for different beverages at the same time.

Dual Boiler

This machine has two tanks one is used to heat water for brewing while the other heats water for steaming. Now you can do understand that you can make different beverages at the same time you do not need to wit ant longer. You can heat water for brewing in one tank while on the other tank you can heat milk for the perfect coffee shot. You can set the temperature of both tanks so that it provides the perfect steamy espresso.

Group Head

It the last and main part of the espresso machine. It in front of the machine where you lock the portafilter of coffee. When you need an espresso shot the valve of the seat open and fully pressurized hot water passes through your compact coffee and it comes out at the bottom of the portafilter.  When you buying an espresso machine you get options that you want one or two group heads then according to your desire buy that.

There are 2 types of the group head


The saturated group head is exposed to the boiler and it quickly comes to that temperate as the brewing water because it is actually an essential extension to the boiler and it is flooded with hot water.


They are separated from the boiler by a heat exchanger. They are very made than saturated and they are also cheaper than saturated group heads. But they are a slight fail in maintaining the temperature.

Both have advantages and disadvantages then according to your preference buy that. But most saturated head machines are in demand.


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