How does a WiFi extender work?

You are laying on your bed and watching your favorite season and that time your screen started buffering and loading show on your screen this is really frustrating. You need a solution and your search on google but the loading is very slow that you get so tired of this. You need a solution as soon as possible. If your room is far away from the WiFi routers other router’s signal range is not reaching your room then you face a signal problem. For this, you need to install the WiFi extender for better signal range.

How does a WiFi extender work?

The Internet has now become a necessity for every single person and if the signal does not come properly and you face disturbance in the searching browser or watching your favorite movie then it becomes very tiring and frustrating. To solve this you need a tool that offers you fast and efficient signals. With the rise in advanced tools, life becomes more easy, fast, and convenient. In these tools, WiFi enables devices are including.

You face the signal problem because of the speed of the bandwidth and range. Depends on the band with the coverage area also varies like 2.4 GHz bandwidth covers the large WiFi area with a slow speed on the other hand 5 GHz bandwidth provides you the fastest signals with small area coverage. With these problems, an extender is available to capture the signals from the routers and provide you enough signal strength that you can easily enjoy your internet surfing. These extenders extend the signal range and provide you the internet where you experience poor network connection.

These extenders did not amplify or strengthen the signals actually. It works as a provider just. It actually captures the signals from the source router and then broadcasts its own signals where the poor connection occurs. Like this, you can expand your WiFi coverage on the dead zone area very easily.

WiFi extender mostly uses in the cafe, restaurant, and bars where there more sitting areas and there are many different floors so the WiFi router signal never reaches there. It mostly happens due to the kitchen area where the microwaves propagate which kills the WiFi signals conveniently. So WiFi extenders effectively boost the internet signals and broadcast them in every corner of that specific building.

How to install a WiFi extender?

Different extenders have different installation process but in this, we will discuss the general method which applies to most extenders.

Connect the WiFi extender with the WiFi router

First, you need to plug in the extender with the router in the same room where the source router install. Some need to press the WPS button on both devices for the connection while some need website access to complete the installation process. After this, you can easily connect the extender with the router then you can move the extender where you face the signal issue.

Choosing a location for a WiFi extender

Choose a very strategic location where it close to the router so that it captures the strong signals and far from the broadcast area.

Some extenders have a wired connection with ethernet port connectivity. You can use the fast ethernet connection system for the fastest signals.


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