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Yoga is actually an exercise to release your tension but yoga without a yoga mat is unimaginable. Yoga matt is like oxygen for yoga lovers. But the question is how can you choose the best yoga mat for yourself? If you think you can do you without the yoga mat then this is not a solution because the yoga mat supports your yoga asanas. When you do it without a yoga mat you have to touch the ground and when this happens your energy is also grounded. So the yoga mat store this energy and push yourself up. So the best yoga mat is a full and final sphere for yoga lovers.

The best yoga mat pushes you up to do your asana very well. Its grip, stuff, and stickiness are very important. Because when you want the best yoga mat you have to know about these elements. Your matt is not only a sheet that you spread on the ground and doing your yoga. It helps you to relax your body, mind, and soul. People are very keen on the search for the best yoga mat. When you give rest to your mind and body while doing yoga you have to choose that yoga mat that acts as an insulator between you and the ground. Because the ground soak your energy in itself and after yoga, you feel again tired and irritated.

The yoga mat stores your energy in itself and passes you from time to time so that you feel energetic all day long. If the yoga mat is not like as you want then it also makes you aggressive. Sometimes it gets slippery when you sweat and can’t do your asana because you get slips from time to time and this is not working this thing also makes you angry. Yoga is the yogi’s therapy which makes your mind light and you think better.

Best Yoga Mat 2021

While you buy the best yoga mat 2022 then you have considered a lot of things like the surface texture must be soft enough that you never feel that you lying on the plain surface or also you sit on a soft sofa or cough. The material of the mat must be eco-friendly, not harmful chemical material or chemical used in it that will harm your body and skin as you keep on using it. Some yoga mats used heavy metals which slowly damage your skin.

The grip of the mat must be strong enough that it will stick on the floor and never get slip either you move or change your asanas. The sweat that absorbs by the mat must not give a bad smell. The cleaning of the mat also gets very easy so that you keep it clean. The length, width, and thickness of the mat must according to your body so never get disheartened after you buying that.

Buyer’s Guide

When you want to buy a yoga mat for yourself you have to know which one is perfect because if you do Hot yoga then you have to choose that mat which not get slippery and sticky. When you do Vinyasa yoga then you have to choose that mat whose grip is strong enough because you change your posture from to another. So you have to take care of this.

If you are a beginner and you start your practice from Hatha yoga then you have to choose the eco-friendly mat because in this you have to practice breathing and poses. I think this knowledge will help you to choose the best yoga mat for your yoga practice.

Besides these, there are other lots of factors that you have to know when you buy the yoga mat. What are your mat stuff, quality, length, and width? Because these factors also have some effect on your yoga. A yoga mat is made of

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Organic cotton
  • Natural cotton
  • And recycle rubber.

These materials help to improve its texture and quality so that you get your dream yoga mat.

When we improve the yoga mat texture it becomes more

  • Eco-friendly
  • Its grip increases
  • Less sticky
  • And its sponginess becomes amazing.

Yoga mat thickness is also the main factor because when you do some asanas your knee hits the ground and you feel difficult to do that. As the mat is thick and you feel easy doing your asana. Its thickness also depends on the quality and texture of the mat.

Some mats are designed for smooth floor, some for the rigid floor, and for hilly areas like a mountain these mats design especially. Their weight is also very less you never feel that you carry something. People who can’t lift heavy weight now your problem is solved. These areas lightweight that your children carry this.

Important note: you can’t do yoga on couches, sofa, and bed.

Table of Best Yoga Mat 2022

List of ProductsRatingPricing
Ajna Organic Yoga Mat⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Liforme Original Yoga Mat⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
TOPLUS Yoga Mat⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sivan Health and Fitness⭐⭐⭐⭐
Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Gaiam Yoga Mat⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Aurorae Classic⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ajna Organic Yoga Mat


Ajna Organic Yoga Mat

Ajna Organic Yoga Mat is not made up of cheap and harmful material that simply get deteriorates after a few uses. This mat is made up of fully organic natural fibers that also repels the smell of the sweat. Offer you the durable, non-slip mat. This is become the outlasting mat in the market because of its durability. You can enjoy your yoga on it very conveniently and practice on it from your heart. Many other mats claim to be thick but not fulfill their promise and make everything imbalanced. This organic jute provides you everything comfort, functionality, and grip n every position. It gets the optimal base so that you easily practice.

Other mats disturbing your legs but this constantly sticks on the floor or it also not distracting you from the bad smell of sweat. This lightweight yoga mat comes with detachable strings so that you can fold it and easily carry it with you. It washing is very easy just put it in water and wash it with eucalyptus. This company keenly works for their customer health and benefit so that you never get worried about your health especially from this company side. It is eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals like latex, BPA, and heavy metals. If you find more queries related to this mat you can also contact them through their customer service. If you are a starter or 2nd level pro this mat gets easily integrated with you. this organic mat is suitable for all styles like pilates exercise classes, stretching, or just relaxing and finding your zen.

  • Fully eco-friendly
  • Thick and stick to the ground
  • Its cleaning is very easy

  • If you do not care about this mat then its surface get shedding



Liforme Original Yoga Mat


Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Those who want the grip of the yoga mat then it is perfect for those people. Sometimes the floor is smooth and the ordinary yoga mat can’t stand on it.  This creates problems and you don’t do yoga peacefully. As you change your pose your yoga mat slips with the change and you have to fix that first then continue your practice. This thing irritates you and you can’t relax your mind and body. This thing will not help you to do focus. This mat is best for this.

With this amazing quality, it is available in different colors. Now choose your color which keeps your mind quiet and relaxed. Some shapes also made on it which will help you to do asanas perfectly. If you don’t remember how to do the yoga pose then this mat will show you. It is also a small guide. Then it is made of eco-polyurethane and rubber. It means it is a fully hygienic mat. You don’t have to worry about its cleaning. These natural materials make this mat eco-friendly.  Some person’s skin is allergic to some material. This mat is made of natural elements that make this mat clean and hygienic. Then this mat is for every skin type person’s normal and sensitive skin. Along with you your skin also feels fresh, healthy, and clean. It means it does not relax your soul, mind, and body it also gives rest to your skin. It is a full therapy package for your internal and external bodies. It prepares you to face the all-day log challenges.

You never face any problem when you do yoga on this mat. This is a home yoga mat. Means everyone relaxes him or her in that place where they get tension free and that place is home. So this home yoga mat gives you the vibes of home and you calm your body on it. It prepares your body to face the challenges that the world gives you.

  • Made with eco-friendly material
  • Available in colorful range
  • With a great grip

  • It is not non-sticky
  • This is perfect for smart people






With non-slip technology, this yoga never slips. The yoga lover who wants a grip on the floor should buy this yoga mat. The person who wants this when he or she doing yoga the yoga mat gets stuck with the floor. Because during yoga you change your pose as you change your asana so when you change your pose the mat will slip and disturb you. Which will lead you to stop that pose there and first set the mat and then resume your yoga practice which is very irritating. Sometimes people left there because this process makes them more aggressive then becomes quiet and calm. Now the problem is solved because this mat is made of non-slip technology. It makes its grip on the floor as strong as when you change your pose it will be stuck on the floor.

Along with the double layer, this mat makes you feel like you are doing your yoga on a feather. You feel so lightweight on this mat. This double-layer structure with non-slip technology gives you the amazing experience of the optimal grip on the floor. This 6mm thick mat gives you the feel of your cushion. Because some mats are too thick and some are too thin that harsh on your body. This mat is very kind to your knee and back that you never face any difficulty doing yoga. This is so lightweight that you carry this anywhere. And you never feel that you carry something. You can take this to your gym, your gallery, on your roof. This 35oz weight with a strong grip on the floor is like the dream come true for yoga lovers.

With the premium TPE material, this mat is very different from the other mats which are made of PVC and cotton. This eco-friendly mat cleans your mind and relaxes your body effectively. This multi features mat makes your every dream about fitness makes true.

  • It is lightweight as a feather
  • Made with eco-friendly material
  • Double layer non-slip technology

  • No design on its for yoga guidance
  • Not durable for a long time



Sivan Health and Fitness


Sivan Health and Fitness

People who are experts in doing yoga or people who did yoga for a very long time must like this mat. Because they do the complex asanas which a beginner never has done. This 71 inches long and 24 inches wide mat is fit for any body shape. Means fat persons also use this long and wide mat. Fat people face difficulties in finding the perfect yoga mat according to their bodies. Because companies make the standard size of the yoga mat which will comfortable for weak and normal body persons. Even healthy people can be fitted on the standard size. But fat body people face lots of struggle to find their perfect one. So this mat is also for them to achieve their dreams.

Now you think its size can bear the body of fat people but its thickness can bear it? Then the answer is yes. This ½ inches ultra-thick mat bears the bodyweight of over-weighted people. Other than that this mat protects your knee and back from hit to ground. Simply it protects you from injuries.

This mat is perfect for stretching, pilates, yoga, and toning. The full package is available in one. It is like a dream come true. Because you can do different kinds of exercise in it. It is a two-face surface layer, one is smooth on which you do your yoga asanas and the other is rigid which touches the ground. This rigid surface faces the ground so this contact makes this mat grip strong on the floor. And make this matt non-slip mat. Which prevent anybody from injuries. Sometimes mats get slippery due to sweating and the person got slipped and gets injured. So this mat protects the people from getting hurt with its strong grip. It is a durable mat and you can easily clean this. It is available with a strap on its alongside. With the help of these, you can carry this anywhere where you want. These straps make it very easy to carry this for every person. You can hold its straps and carry it with you.

  • Easy to clean
  • Fit for any body shape
  • Strong grip with the ground
  • A non-slip surface protects you from injuries

  • Not made of eco-friendly material
  • Not in a range of everyone



Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat


Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

With high-density closed-cell surface preventing your couch soak your sweat. It closed your sweat into itself so that your couch or sofa never gets dirty with your sweat. And you do yoga as long as you want without getting worried that your sweat gets into your sofas. With 71 *26 dimensions this yoga mat varies in weight by +/- 1. Its standard weight is 7.5 lbs but sometimes variation occurs of +/- 1.

With 71 inches in length, this mat covers the height of tall persons. But if a person is taller than this length then don’t worry it is also available in another dimension which is 85 * 26. This mat weight is about 9.5 lbs with a variation of +/- 1. Now there is not a height problem that exists anymore.

Sometimes new mat texture feels rough. This mat texture is the same as that but its texture improves day by day when you use it. So its continuous use makes its texture better. Its texture never makes its corner never bend during practicing. You can wash this mat its texture never gets damaged. This means you don’t have to worry about its cleanliness. After doing your yoga you can wipe it down or you can wash this so that it remains clean. And you never feel irritation on the next day when you practicing yoga. Because it locks your sweat inti itself and when you did not clean it for a long time then you feel the smell of your sweat which is irritating. So wipe it down or wash it off clean it.

This mat is made upon certified standards. So you can say that this mat is eco-friendly. It is safe for you and your family. No allergic reaction occurs from this hygienic mat. It gives you a healthy and hygienic body and mind after yoga practice. This mat assures you that it is safe for you and your family. Just become fearless about it and buy it for your whole family.

  • Build under the certified standard
  • Fully eco-friendly
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy clean it

  • Its weight varies as its size changes



Gaiam Yoga Mat 


Gaiam Yoga Mat 

A 6mm yoga mat is available with a design on it. Design means yoga poses design. Some people forget about some poses or some can’t do the right poses. This could help them to stay in the right position. When someone feels that how can he do the right position then I must say he should buy this. Because its yoga poses design is actually a mini-guide that guides you properly. If you forget about the posses then your preference is just this mat.

If you forget somewhere during yoga practice about some poses then you see the design and it reminds you of everything. If you are new then I recommended you this mat for the early stages of guidance. With a short guide and 6 mm thickness, this mat allows you to yoga practice peacefully.

Its non-sticky surface gives you always a fresh feeling after yoga. Because when you do yoga your body gets started sweating and in this condition, this sweat fell on the mat and when the mat gets wet you feel stickiness which irritates you and due to this you never focus on your yoga practice. This mat does not give you this feeling. You always feel fresh after doing yoga on it. With this amazing feature, it gives you a strong grip on the ground. This is actually an amazing thing. People who afraid that they get injured while they practice yoga than no worry because this provides you a strong grip on the ground along with non-sticky features.

This soft 6P free PVC mat is fully eco-friendly because it is free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP. I must say this mat is perfect for any skin type of person. Some get allergic to some mat texture but this mat is best for you and our planet. You can easily fold this mat and place it on its palace.

  • It is very lightweight anybody can hold it
  • Along with there is a free course is available on yoga practice
  • Perfect for all skin types

  • Not available in different sizes
  • 6 mm thickness sometimes never suits the backbone patient



Aurorae Classic


Aurorae Classic

This 72 inches long, 42 inches wide, and ¼ mm thick yoga mat with illuminating colors grab your attention very smartly. With these amazing features, this mat becomes the dream of every yoga lover. Now there is no boundary for any body shape person because of dimensions. Chunky body persons face difficulties in finding their perfect yoga mat. Because normally the length and the width of the mats are of standard size which will be used by a slim and healthy person. But the chunky persons have to struggle to find their perfect one. So here is your dream yoga.

It is available in a large variety of colors. Dull colors did not attract the buyers’ attention. Its illuminating colors make you feel that you have to buy this. Colors have a lot of effect on our decision. We do not like dull colors mat. Because we think dull colors make our mood also dull and we never enjoy our yoga practice. So this mat gives you the amazing colors combination mats which will make you agree that you have to buy this.

This lightweight mat gives you the yogi tips about the yoga asanas at the back of its paper. So that you get authentic help about yoga. You can carry this with you easily because this is as lightweight that you never feel you carry something. Other than this cleaning the mat is not a problem anymore. You can wash it with water or wipe it down to clean this mat. It never gives the bad order of the sweat and you never feel irritated while you using it. It keeps you and also itself fresh.

This eco-friendly mat is a dream of every yoga lover because it is tested under standards conditions. Which makes this mat harmless to the environment. So every person like men, women, and kids use this for yoga, pilates, aerobics. Or you can take anywhere like fishing or some other outdoor activities.

  • It is very lightweight
  • Used for outdoor activities
  • Everyone uses this
  • Tested under standard conditions
  • Harmless to environment

  • As you know this is eco-friendly then you have to buy this for your whole family
  • Just because of lightweight your children carry this with them and when you need it you never find it




After reading this article you find a different best yoga mat list but before buying any mat you have read our buyer’s guide so that you can understand which main factors that you need to keep in your mind while you buying a yoga mat for yourself so that you can get your dream yoga mat at last. If you read our article you can easily decide which is for you and that also will stay with you for many years. So do not get in a hurry just stay calm and make your decision peacefully.



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